Abandon Building Project

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The Islandwide Beautification Taskforce in conjunction with the Department of Public Works, Guam Visitors Bureau and Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association have been working diligently to minimize the existence of these abandoned buildings by trying to restore these properties to productive use or by demolishing them.

For the two years the Abandoned Building Initiative has targeted the following three buildings: Old Hong Kong Restaurant Building, Marianas Trench Building and the Old Western Gun Club. As of today, the Old Hong Kong Restaurant on Route 1 in Tamuning, has been purchased. The building is fenced off temporarily until it is scheduled for demolition. A walk through by DPW was completed at The Old Western Gun at San Vitores Road in Tumon. The DPW inspection report recommends that the building be demolished. DPW is in the process of working together with the landowners and tenant –closure of the issue will soon occur. The Marianas Trench Building in Tamuning has already be demolished.

Guam Seal Bus Stop Project

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The Guam Seal Bus Stop Project is great for community members, organizations, and companies to give back to the community, but most importantly, the students who use bus stops on a daily basis. Many bus stops are an unpleasant sight due to the litter and graffiti. The Guam Seal promotes our cultural icons of strength, heritage, and resilience. This project gives organizations and companies an opportunity to relay their message of culture and respect through the Guam Seal that would help in deterring graffiti and litter. The project encourages community members, organizations, and companies to adopt bus stops throughout the island. They must maintain the structure for one (1) calendar year. Our office will provide all the paint and supplies you will need. The supplies include brushes, rollers, paint trays, gloves, trash bags and rags as well at the stencil for the Guam Seal.

Roadway Adoption Program

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The Roadway Adoption Program (RAP) is a Government of Guam project, administered by the Department of Public Works in conjunction with the Islandwide Beautification Task Force. The program will permit volunteers to safely engage in community beautification activities by maintaining a section of public roadway. This program provides businesses and private or public organizations the opportunity to contribute in cleaning up and beautifying Guam. This is a great opportunity to promote civic responsibility as well as promote community pride. This program also allows for public recognition of the participating organization. The IBTF will be placing signs on both sides of the adopted roadway that would help in recognizing the organization’s efforts in beautifying our island.

Ådahi i Tåno Program

Adahi i Tano

Matson Navigation, along with the Islandwide Beautification Task Force, have launched its partnership project of the Adahi I Tano Program. This program encourages non-profit organizations in creating a clean Guam while also raising funds for their good cause. Matson donates the use of their containers to haul the trash collected at the site of the clean up as well as provide the organization with $500 in completion of their efforts.

Retaining the Spirit of Guam, USA

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The Retaining the Spirit of Guam, U.S.A Wall (East Hågatña Wall) was completed and unveiled on at a press conference and ribbon cutting on July 15, 2014.

Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio has maintained the wall since he first began serving the island as a senator in 2003; repainting it in 2005, and again in 2007. With the current undertaking of its improvements (using mosaic tiles), the Lieutenant Governor envisions that this restoration to be long term.

It was created to serve as a symbol of love and respect for our island and our country and those who have the dignity to protect our home, our culture and our way of life.

Roughly there were 385,920 1“x1” square tiles, 8,420 lbs. of sand and grout, and 2,100 working hours to complete the project; in which, CoreTech International has guaranteed for 10 years.

Archbishop Flores Memorial Loop


The Restoration of the Archbishop Felixberto Flores Memorial was completed and unveiled on March 9th, 2015.  Through the vision and efforts of Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, his wife, Attorney Naoko Shimizu, and the Islandwide Beautification Task Force (IBTF) work on the Memorial started in February 2012. The statue of the archbishop was restored, a vibrant mural was painted on the surrounding wall, and the area around the statue and mural was cleaned and sealed. IBTF partnered up the University of Guam art students to come up with the art concept of the wall. The design of the inner wall mural was created to serve as a symbol of love and respect for Guam and its 19 villages. This collective effort totaled 650 hours of work and required 130 gallons of paint for the inner and outer ring of the memorial. The memorial was formally turned over to the Guam Visitors Bureau. Archbishop Anthony Apuron also bestowed a blessing upon the site.