Guam Seal

Policy of Use for the Great Seal of Guam

The Great Seal of Guam is intended to convey the authority of the Government of Guam and represent the pride of the people of Guam in the establishment of their democratic government which embodies the will of the electorate. It also is a symbol of the rights and freedoms of the people of Guam under the authority of the United States of America. The use of the Great Seal of Guam must be consistent with this intent in all aspects. The representation of the Great Seal of Guam in any manner which detracts from the pride, respect and reverence accorded to that for which the Seal stands cannot be allowed.

The Great Seal of Guam shall be used for official purposes within the government of Guam as permitted by law.

Requests for the use of the Great Seal of Guam by persons not specifically authorized by law for such use shall be reviewed and evaluated by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Guam. Such requests shall be in the following form and contain the following information at a minimum:


  1. A written request addressed to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Guam stating:
    a. The name, position and organization of the individual making the request and the identity (name, position and organization) of the party or parties for whom a request is being made and contact information for all of the above.
    b. The purpose for which the use of the Seal is requested.
    C言語. The duration of the use of the Seal.
  2. A copy of the organization’s license to do business.
  3. An Accurate rendering of the complete document of display on which there presentation of the Seal is to appear.
  4. A description of the procedures or controls that the requesting party has implemented to ensure that the representation is in accordance with the conditions of approval if granted.

Upon review and evaluation of requests, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor shall either permit or deny use of the Great Seal of Guam in accordance with Public Law 24-19 and the policies and procedures set forth for its implementation. For permitted uses, a letter stating the specific conditions for use of the Seal shall be issued to the authorized individual, whose responsibility it shall be to readily maintain such permit for inspection and review by proper authorities. Failure to comply with any of these conditions shall void the permit and subject the responsible parties to all penalties and enforcement action allowable by law.

If you would like to apply for a permit, please submit your request to Roe-Ann Cruz, Project Manager, at To view a list of permit holders, please click here.

Guam Product Seal Task Force

The Guam Product Seal Task Force was created by Public Law 31-150 in the 31st Guam Legislature to “raise awareness of the importance of taking pride in items manufactured locally.”
“The Guam Product Seal Task Force’s mission is to enhance pride in local business and stimulate economic opportunity by promoting the manufacturing of products on Guam.”
The Task Force is chaired by the Lieutenant Governor of Guam, co-chaired by a representative from the Department of Revenue and Taxation, and its membership is made up of representatives from the Customs and Quarantine Agency, Department of Chamorro Affairs, Guam Visitors Bureau, Guam Economic Development Agency, Department of Public Health and Social Services, Office of the Attorney General, Chamber of Commerce, University of Guam, public sector appointees and a member-at-large.
The Guam Product Seal Program is administered by the Guam Economic Development Authority. For more information, please visit
To view the Task Force’s public documents, please click here.